Open Swedish Championship 2018

Welcome to the Open Swedish Dragon Championship 2018.
The Championship will be sailed in Saltsjöbaden outside Stockholm August 24-25. Saltsjöbaden is the home of the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS) and residence to many sailors in the Stockholm area,


The inshore flatwater racing on ”Baggensfjärden” (right outside the dock) is both friendly and challenging.

Sune Carlsson Båtvarv (see map below).
Skogssjövägen 22, Moranviken, Saltsjöbaden.

After Sail
On the dock at Sune Carlsson Bårvarv after racing each day.
Regatta dinner on Saturday.

Holmen Kök & Bar.
The evening meeting spot (for more beers and dinner).
This is where the locals hang out.
Reserve dinner table at

The Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden is a good spot to stay with walking distance to Holmen Kök & Bar.

Entry and Notice of Race
Information will be posted here soon.

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